Gold Tone (Paul Beard) 8 String Dobro

I ebayed my Excel 8 string Jerry Byrd lapsteel to get this Gold Tone (Paul Beard) 8 String Dobro. It came to me new with a case and all in one piece! I've recorded a complete song with the dobro, guitar, pedal steel and fiddle called Roadside Rag. I think this is essentially the same song that some entitle Fort Worth Drag. I am a big fan of the old style of dobro playing like Bashful Brother Oswald and Shot Jackson. I admire the abilities of the newer style players that have all that speed and flash but the older style is the one I admire the most for it's pure tone and simple melodies. Years ago I had an original 6 string Dobro Model 60 square neck and it was a great instrument. Similary I think this Gold Tone instrument has authentic tone and volume. The string spacing was not narrowed to fit in 8 strings. It plays and picks just like a 6 string dobro as far as I can tell. There are times when I find myself muting the 4th and 8th strings when I want to do simple strums so in that sense they are in the way at times. For single note work and chords though they are awesome. I have it tuned to G13 with high to low: D, B, G, E, D, B, G, F. I like the 7th note on the bottom and if you check out my lap steel pages you will see how versatile this tuning is!

For more information on the dobro go to: The Paul Beard Signature Goldtone 8 String Resophonic Guitar on the Paul Beard Web site

The song below was recorded in my home studio with the pedal steel and guitar parts using a Hall Of Fame reverb pedal. All fiddle, pedal steel and guitar tracks used a Shure SM-57 mic placed directly in front of the amp (except the bass was recorded direct) and fed into a Zoom R64 workstation. All tracks were then ported to a PC and mastered using Reaper. See the yellow box below for notes on the dobro recording setup.

All recordings were made with a Dunlop Long Dawg 927 tone bar: Click here to see it! For Roadside Rag I used a condenser mic placed about a foot over and towards the front of the cone. For the sound samples above, I used a Shure SM-57 place about 2" over the top of the back portion of the cone. Much better tone and less ambient noise with the Shure!

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