Boss DR-880 Free Patterns

Here's a free set of DR-880 patterns! This represents the complete set of drum kits, patterns and songs that took me two years to develop. There are 65 songs in all and they are named but the names may be a bit cryptic (short). There are 204 custom patterns, mostly country but some rock and roll and blues. The custom patterns include shuffles, waltzes, up tempo, intros, endings many with variations such as the addition of ride cymbals or high hat action to the basic pattern. While you will find the Boss supplied patterns pretty useless, these patterns should allow you to quickly piece together any standard country song. There are also custom patterns for specific steel guitar standards and a few jazz tunes.

Right click these files to save them to your hard drive. Consult the Boss DR-880 manual for the procedure to load these into the drum machine. The procedure is very simple but you will need a USB cable and must first intall the drivers off of the CD that came with the DR-880.

System file

Guitar Effects

User Drum Kits

User Patterns And Songs

User TSC Files


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