MSA Legend played through a Fender Steel King!
(and a Peavey Nashville 112)
(and a Revelation Tube Preamp Rack)
(and through a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe)

Update 01/10/07: Added Hit It, a C6 neck boogie tune also soon to be covered in my tab section. If you like what you hear, drop me an email and let me know you're listening!

Update 12/10/06: Added TeleSmasher and O Holy Night.

Update 11/17/06: Added The Other Woman backup track. Well, it's a backup track if you sing! The steel does the intro, middle solo and ending with some pads everywhere else. For those with picky ears, notice how the steel tone is a bit muddier on the ending than elsewhere. I finally figured out that I sometimes leave the monitor speakers on when I record and they feed back into the steel mic adding in a bassier sound and some delay (yuck!). I used the RV-5 with plate reverb for all the steel parts.

Update 10/13/06: Added Greg's Blues. It ain't country! Verses 1,3 and 5 are a Red Nashville Telecaster played through a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe in High Gain and low gain channels. See my Nashville Telecaster page for details on my venture into the world of Tele's. Verses 2,4 and 6 are steel with the last verse using the Line 6 Roto-Machine.

All samples played on an MSA Legend plugged into a Boss RV-5 (Hall Reverb) into a Fender Steel King amp placed about a foot off my living room carpet. Recorded into a Shure SM-57 pointed on axis with the center of the speaker cone and 3" from the speaker grill. SM57 plugged into a Yamaha MG 10/2 mixer with EQ set flat. Mixer fed into a Yamaha AW-1600 Professional Audio Workstation with NO compression, dynamics or effects. Earlier recordings made in 24 bit mode, later ones in 16 bits, mastered to 16 bits on the AW-1600 and burnt to a CD/R as .cda files. Windows Media Player used to convert the .cda files to .wma files at 192 kbps.

This pretty much duplicates the sound of my old Sho-Bud Pro II / Webb 6-14-E setup. These sound samples sound identical to what I am hearing at my steel so the recording process seems to be faithfull to the original sound including room accoustics.

Drum tracks created on a Boss DR-670 (Boss DR-880 after 12/2006) fed direct (2 track stereo). Washburn D-46S acoustic guitar and Rigel mandolin recorded into a Sennheiser MXL-992 condenser mic. Peavey lead guitar recorded into a Boss GX-700 (compressor, Keeley 4 knob compressor after 3/01/06) and a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe amplifier into a Shure SM-57 (Sennheiser e609 after 3/01/06). Peavey 5 string bass direct to console. I played each instrument on its own track as an overdub to the drum tracks. No compression was used during mastering so what you hear is very close to the live sound.

Steel King Settings (O'clock positions)

Gain = 10
EQ Tilt = 10
Treble = 2
Mid Level = 10
Mid Freq = 2
Bass = 2
Reverb = Off
Master = 12
Normal Switch Out
Limiter Switch In

Peavey Nashville 112 Settings (Numbered positions)
  • Pre Gain = 3
  • Low = +4
  • Mid = -15
  • Shift = 800
  • High = +4.5
  • Presence +6
  • Master Reverb = Off
  • Master Gain = 6

Complete Songs (NEW!!!) (right-click if you want to save them to your computer)

MSA Legend with Fender Steel King
O Holy Night added on 12/11/06
Greg's Rag added on 11/23/06
The Other Woman added on 11/17/06
Greg's Blues added on 10/14/06

Country Marathon Country Marathon Rhythm Track
What A Friend We Have In Jesus In The Garden Rockin' On 26 Strings
Silver Bells Southwest of Corry Compression Session
Red River Valley Too Country All Palms
Shuffle This G Ride Sample01
Pick Block Greg's Blues The Other Woman (Tab Track)
Greg's Rag TeleSmasher O Holy Night
Hit It

MSA Legend with Rack System
Rack System added on 06/01/07

Rack Attack

B. Bowman Hop

MSA Legend with Peavey Nashville 112
He Lives Within added on 07/13/06

He Lives Within

MSA Legend with stock Fender Hot Rod Deluxe
Deep Water

Hot Rod Deluxe settings (Numbered positions)

Input 1, Channel 1
Volume = 2.2
Drive = 1
Treble = 4.5
Bass = 12
Middle = 2.2
Master = 2
Reverb = 1 (RV5 reverb set on Hall
Bright Switch Down
Presence = 8

MSA Legend with Peavey Nashville 112
He Lives Within added on 07/13/06

He Lives Within

MSA Legend recorded direct - no preamp
Added 8/22/06

MSA Direct

Regal mandolin
Red Hook (Regal Mandolin Solo)

Sound Bites (right-click if you want to save them to your computer)

E9thSlow1 E9thSlow2 E9thSlow3 E9thSlow4Drop9thOne
E9thSlow5Waltz E9thSlow6 E9thSlow7Lloyd1 E9thSlow8Lloyd2
E9thSlow9Lloyd3 E9thSlow10 E9thSlow11 E9thSlow12
E9thSlow13 E9thSlow14Drake1 E9thSlow14Drake2 E9thMed1
E9thMed2 E9thMed3 E9thmed4Drop10thTwo E9thMed5Swing
E9thMed6 E9thMed7PullOff E9thFast1 E9thFast2
E9thFast3 C6th1 C6th2Fingerstyle C6th3EverKnow
C6th4Chalker C6th5DougSeymour C6th6 C6th7
C6th8Hawaii C6th9HonkyTonk

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