Mud Stand Review

Here's a short review of the Mud Stand. It's a novel take on an amp stand that's very light, compact to store and easy to transport!
  • The individual Mud Stand pieces have magnets embedded in them that hold them together as one unit for transport. So you're only transporting one piece from place to place. The pics below show the embedded magnets.
  • The instructions that come with the stand state that you might have to remove your amp's bottom feet if they land on the bottom of the Mud Stand. This is something to consider before purchasing because the amp feet serve a useful purpose and you might not want to remove them. In my case the Telonics TCA-500C amp's feet do land on the Mud Stand bottom but they just left a slight impression. I assume that in some cases, more pronounced amp feet would dig into the Mud stand bottom and chew up or otherwise indent and harm the foam.
  • The sound in my studio is identical to the sound I was getting on a conventional amp stand. See pics below of my previous stand which I have tried against a wall and also away from any wall.
  • The Telonics is a really light amp and the Mud Stand easily supports the amp and holds it in a stable position.
  • The back cutout of the Telonics made it somewhat incompatible with most amp stands in that the stand upright arms don't make contact with the amp back without modifying the stand (see last picture below). With the Telonics you do have the option of placing the amp on the floor and using the built-in tilt foot. I prefer to have my amp up in the air a bit the Mud stand does this well as is!
  • The appearance of the amp on the stand looks great. It's almost as if the amp and stand are one unit when placed together.
  • Overall, I am very happy with the stand. It works as advertised and I intend to keep it!

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