Peavey Custom EXP Guitar

After getting this Peavey Generation Custom EXP guitar, my Fender American Strat just didn't get played. I initially bought this to match my Sho-Bud steel guitar which is now gone. This burnt orange color grows on you and it has a highly quilted appearance. This ax fingers as good as the Strat but has a gadzillion more sounds!

There are three regular pickups: bridge humbucking with no cover, middle single coil and neck humbucking with chromed cover. If that weren't enough, there's an accoustic pickup built into the bridge. A 5 way toggle switch lets you select different combinations of the regular magnetic pickups with at least 2 positions being out of phase. The 3 position switch selects either all magnetic, all accoustic or a blend of the two. The three rotary controls are for the accoustic volume, magnetic volume, magnetic tone.

The preamp requires a 9 volt battery. I can't stop playing this thing and keep switching between accoustic, magnetic and blended modes. It's like having 3 or more guitars in one! Some of the reviews for this guitar said that the accoustic piezoelectric pickup was really cheesy sounding. I find it to be awesome and it sounds like an electrified accoustic and totally usable for rythym or finger picking. Usually I plug it into the Fender Hot Rod Deluxe amp but it sounds great in the Peavey Bandit Transtube also. Definitely the best all around guitar I've ever owned.

Left click pictures to see larger size prints!

Front 1 Front 2 Headstock Back
Headstock Front Side Back
Back 2 Front3