Rondo Music Lap Steel Review

This is a 6 string lap steel guitar that I received on 1/25/2008. The pictures below pretty much tell the whole story about how it's constructed. The lap steel alone weighs 6 pounds. Some users complained about the string alignment not being right over the pickup pole pieces but mine was very closely aligned. The accoustic tone is just awesome, very warm and full. The bridge cover is pretty huge but for me, it does not hinder my playing. I tend to pick the strings at the 24th fret which still leaves plenty of roon for my palm to block the strings near the pickup. Each string rings loud and clear and I have not made any modifications to this instrument other than changing the strings. By the way, the official model of this lap steel is SX LG1/NA and the case model is LG200. The case is as fine a case as I won with 4 latches on the front and one on the rear. It's super plush and fits the lap steel perfectly. The workmanship on it is quite breathtaking if you're really into cases. The guitar and case cost me $99.99 and shipping was $16.36. A copy of the shipping receipt is with the pics below.

My recording signal chain for the song below is Lap Steel > Hilton Volume Pedal > Boss RV-5 reverb > Fender Steel King Amp >Shure SM-57 into a Yamaha AW2400 music workstation.

The string gages that came on it were: .014, .016, .023, .034, .045, .054. I have no idea what the stock tuning was supposed to be as the guitar came detuned as guitars are oftened shipped that way.

I changed the string gages to: .014, .018, .022, .026, .032, .036 and tuned it to C6: E C A G E C (high to low).

I made the recording below, Kansas City Blues, by just unplugging my MSA pedal steel and plugging in the Rondo lap steel. I did not change the amp EQ settings or attempt to use a tube amp yet!

Well, it's time to listen! This thing is a blast to play and I actually prefer it on my lap so I can look directly over it. As such I have no interest in getting a stand at this point.

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