"BJV" Sho-Bud

Here’s the adcopy for my favorite steel guitar of all time, now sold! I am including this thinking that Sho-Bud fans might enjoy the pictures.

This was a Sho-Bud Pro II Custom pedal steel guitar, serial # 5468 that was originally custom built for Big Jim Vest in Nashville (those are his initials on front). It is one of the most solid and best sounding Sho-Buds I have ever played. It has that warm Sho-Bud tone and is very solid mechanically, maybe because it was built for a road player. In fact if you ever stopped at the Exit-Inn in Nashville a few years back you would have seen this guitar on stage there a lot. It has 8 floor pedals and 8 knee levers and is ready to play. Everything is fully functional and even if you are a professional you will likely not need to have this guitar “gone over” or rebuilt in any area. No visible “bar dings”. I hand polished all the chrome, aluminum and wood finishes and put brand new strings on it. All the pedal changes have been tuned using a Peterson strobe tuner. Email me if you want the E9th/C6th tunings and let me know if you want them in Excel or Word format. The wood is high grade birdseye maple and there is a ton of pearl inlay on this guitar, on the front, back, and on both sides of the necks. See the detail pictures for the deck of cards pearl inlay. The nut rollers are made of brass. The E9th neck has a Sho-Bud LDG pickup and the C6th neck has a standard Emmons pickup. Both changers are double raise and double lower. The finish is in excellent condition.

Left click pictures to see larger size prints!

Sho-Bud Front Sho-Bud Back Sho-Bud Top
Sho-Bud Underside Sho-Bud Changer View Sho-Bud Front Left
Sho-Bud Right Front Sho-Bud Left Side