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Eventually there will be 4 pages of tab here with about 25 tabs per page. If time permits I will post a new tab file every day! I have invested hundreds of hours in this project in an attempt to offer something meaningful to the steel guitar community. Most of these will be posted first in the Steel Guitar Forum Tablature section so you might want to monitor that too. Future postings will include:
  • E9th and C6th riffs
  • Fast and slow riffs
  • Pick blocking and palm blocking examples
  • "Mooney" style
  • Examples of playing C6th styles on E9th and vice versa
  • Split tuning
  • Beginner to advanced
  • Old and new styles of playing
  • Bar slants
  • Non-Pedal riffs

A few of these have large files and may take a while to download. I chose to maintain a high quality of sound rather than a fast download. I figure soon most people will have fast internet and will appreciate the higher quality audio. These were all recorded on a Yamaha AW-1600 audio workstation, mostly at 16 bits and converted to .wma files at 192kbps for posting here. If you want to slow the riffs down to half speed, most players like Windows Media Player, will play these back at half speed WITHOUT changing the pitch of the individual notes.

Right click the files to save them or open in a new tab or window. Left click just to view them immediately.

To get things started here's a tabbed lick that I hope is similar enough to the one that Paul Franklin did on George Strait's "She Told Me So". A recording of how I play it on the tab is also included along with a rhythm track and some leads I created in the middle.

Description Tab Hear It!
George Strait - She Told Me So - Intro and backup track Tab She Told Me So (Audio)
E9th Key of C - Echo Lick Tab Tab1 (Audio)
C6th - Key of C - simple ending with 3 variations Tab Tab2 (Audio)
C6th - Really neat! - Thanks to Doug Seymour Tab Tab16 (Audio)
E9th - Key of D - Major 7th ending with adjacent notes Tab Tab22 (Audio)
E9th - Waltz Intro Tab Tab3 (Audio)
E9th - Key of C - 6/9 Chord Ending Tab Tab4 (Audio)
E9th - Key of C - Progression with lots of chromatics! Tab Tab7 (Audio)
E9th - Key of E - Non-pedal like progression with open strings Tab Tab21 (Audio)
Palm blocking special Tab Tab5 (Audio)
E9th - Hammer Off Tab Tab6 (Audio)
E9th - Unison strings and high F# to G# Knee Lever Tab Tab8 (Audio)
E9th - Two similar sounding riffs played against an open E string Tab Tab9 (Audio)
E9th - Two octave lick - speed it up for a really neat sound! Tab Tab10 (Audio)
E9th - See one way to use the 1st string F# to G# and 2nd string Eb to E raises Tab Tab13 (Audio)
E9th - Diminished chord using split tuning on string 5 Tab Tab14 (Audio)
C6th - Just play it - Don't ask Tab Tab20 (Audio)
E9th - Some neat note slurs and bass ending Tab Tab15 (Audio)
C6th - General purpose run - no pedals! Tab Tab18 (Audio)
E9th - Walk Through This World ... Leslie sound too! Tab Tab26 (Audio)
C6th - Intro to Steelin' The Blues Tab Tab27 (Audio)
E9th - City Lights Intro Tab Tab23 (Audio)
E9th - Crazy Arms Intro Tab Tab24 (Audio)
E9th - I've Just Destroyed The World - Intro Tab Tab25 (Audio)
C6th - Jazz Ending using A to A# Knee Lever Tab Tab38 (Audio)

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