Pedal Steel and Guitar Played Through A Fender Vibro Champ

The Fender blackface Vibro Champ has a huge following among guitar players! There are tons of mods for this amp and parts are easy to obtain. I got this amp from a friend who gave it to me for repair work I did on an old Gibson/Kalamazoo KEH tube amp. The guts of this amp is all original and it was in basic working order when I received it. The work that I did to this amp includes:

  • Replaced the 10" speaker baffle with a new 8" baffle
  • Swapped out the 10" speaker in favor of a Weber Alnico Signature 8" (4 ohms)
  • Replaced the worn out top handle
  • It was missing the top chassis straps so I replaced those
  • Swapped out the two wire power cord for a 3 wire power cord
  • Installed a new upper back panel. The original was missing

The recording below features my MSA Legend pedal steel guitar and my Fender Classic Vibe Telecaster played through the Vibro Champ. The Vibro Champ makes a great guitar practice amp but is a bit under powered for steel guitar, even just for practive. The tone however is awesome on guitar and warm on steel although it's not really voiced for steel guitar (and there's no mid-range tone control).

There's some pictures below. Click on them to see full sized pictures.

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