This page is a compilation of photos that I took, with some comments on each.

Look at this picture of the pedal rack and notice how highly polished the rack and pedals are (no extra charge). Also notice how there a lot of room to place the foot volume to the right of the 9th floor pedal and still keep it under the guitar where it is convenient to reach!

This shot of the endplate shows a view of the changer end. It has triple raise and triple lower with adjustable return spring tension (bottom row of adjusters) and splitters on all strings on both necks. Another picture of the changer end

A shot of the front knee lever placement . Note how the two verticals on C6 are placed and that all knee levers have adjustable stops and angle (better seen on a later picture). Rear view of knee lever placement and a closeup of the C6 verticals.

Top view showing the pickup placement, neck selector switch and tone control knob.

Good view of the changer fingers showing how the strings hook over the fingers with very little bend. At the other end, the keyless arrangement showing the gauged rollers. Additional keyless end photo. .

Floor pedal rod attachment and a view of the changer where I tried to show the changer cross rod center brace that is (my guess) intended to reduce detuning. Closeup showing the bell cranks, foam pads and delrin stops/bushings. Shot of the knee lever kick plate that is easily adjustable and removable if so desired.

For completeness, here's a look at the hat and case!